RMC Equipments cornerstone has always been customer support whether you are looking to buy, hire or just dipping your toe into the market to see if we have solutions that can make your life easier, more productive and ultimately allow you to earn more by being able to offer premium services to your customers and clients.

We will listen to what you plan to achieve with the equipment and will then point you at the most suitable equipment to do the job, at the same time trying to future-proof your purchases so that you can expand the services you can offer.

We can offer compact articulated wheeled or tracked loaders from the Avant Tecno range. Their range covers narrow access 400 & 500 series machines. When you need power and agility, you are looking at the 600 series range. The 700 series machines whilst still compact provide the ideal balance of power to professionals. The 800 series has recently joined the range and is ideal for the heavy user where maximum lift, oil flow for auxiliary attachments and travel speed are pre-requisites. With over 200 attachments available for them, they have a tool for all seasons and job sites.

On the access platform, MEWP, cherry picker, self-propelled spider front, we go with the Leguan range of tracked and wheeled options for there build quality and go-anywhere capabilities.

For the Avant Loaders, we can supply the entire range of genuine manufacturers attachments and options so that you can expand your machines capabilities as your needs increase.
We also carry a wide range of other attachments that are suitable for a wide variety of machine types & manufacturers.
These include SharpGrade box blade laser grading solutions, KLOU log & timber grapples, Gyrustar soil screening and compost blending buckets.

When it comes to grading equipment control solutions, we have our own QuadGrade product that is designed for both hire and end-user solutions utilising MOBA receivers, sonic ski and tilt sensors for 2D flat, single or dual grade projects. We also offer a plug and play 2D & 3D Leica option and can link in with both Topcon & Trimble grading solutions.

For excavators, we have partnered with MOBA and suggest the XSITE Excavation Control Systems with products that suit both 2D precise work and 3D for complex projects.