SharpGrade Laser Box Blade Grader

Monday, 2nd April 2018

Following the success in the New Zealand, Australian & USA markets the SharpGrade, laser box blade grader is now available in the UK.


Supplied by Reach It – Move It – Crush It as a complete plug & play system that incorporates Leica Geosystems iCON machine control package, that enables you to attain a +/- 3mm surface finish and can work in 2D for accurate levelling, 3D dual GNSS & Leica Total Station allows you to easily grade complex contours with several gradients, diverging offset crown and different cambers.

Accurate grading made easy:

This now enables you to transform your skid-steer (Bobcat, Case, CAT, John Deere, Terex, Takeuchi) or articulated wheeled loader (Avant, Norcar, Multione) into a precision box blade laser leveller. The SharpGrade leveller is quick and easy to attach to your machine. No tools required, click the unit into place and attach the hoses and you’re ready to start work.

Fast results:

As you are working with a compact machine with its inherent manoeuvrability, you can level ground with unmatched performance. Large or small, tight spaces can be worked with ease and efficiency. Features such as knife-edge, side shields and retracting wheel allow you to accurately trim right up to edges and get into tight corners. Large mirrors let you see exactly what’s happening across the front blade, eliminating blind spots.

Designed specifically to work on skid-steer loaders or articulated wheel loaders the SharpGrade works in forward and reverse for optimal efficiency. Twin pivoting blades give the ability to cut, carry, trim, spread and finish in one pass, in either direction, for speed and control. Operated from your machine’s hydraulic system, in-cab adjustments are a breeze and levelling is up to ten times faster than levelling using a skid-steer and standard bucket attachment.

Cost savings:

As the most profitable jobs rely on you only moving material once, you will see cost efficiencies improve from not over reducing an area and by placing material to the finish heights within tolerance, the first time. Resulting in more timely preparation saving on material costs, time & fuel.

Maintenance-free performance:

Designed and built with longevity in mind, the leveller features induction hardened pins, sealed bushes (No greasing required) and dirt seals in all moving joints, so it won’t let you down when time equals money. The patent-pending sealed Quad-Rod system always keeps the blade rigid and accurate, with low maintenance. Simple hydraulic valves with built-in relief, protect the system from overload.  Valves feature manual override capability to allow easy diagnosis if there is ever a problem.


  • Leica iCON 2D system is highly accurate and easy to use, the blade can be manually operated by the 4 in 1 control at any time, with or without the laser control connected.
  • Unique Quad-Rod Linkage.  Patent-pending Quad-Rod system gives unparalleled rigidity, allowing use on 100+ HP machines. With only 4 arms, the outboard cylinders are directly connected to the outer edges of the blade, achieving the ultimate precision. All joints are lifetime sealed, lubricated and maintenance-free, with no greasing required.
  • Adjustable hitch plate:  Sets SharpGrade perfectly level with the boom fully down to provide the ultimate in rigidity.  This reduces track and tyre wear and boom, and linkage wear as the SharpGrade is pushing on the front of the machine instead of transferring the load to the rear of the machine through the linkages.  This is especially important with vertical lift machines.  A variety of hitch plates are available to adapt to most compact machines.
  • Leica Trisonic system: Reads a string line, curb lip, or the ground for grades not possible to achieve with a laser.  Plugs directly in and reads off the control panel.  Height and slope are adjustable from cab.

SharpGrade Laser Box Blade Grader