Xsite Machine Control

What system options are there for excavator machine control?

Xsite by Moba has 3 system options for excavator machine control.

  1. Xsite® EASY is the perfect 2D system for starting out with machine control. This easy-to-use system offers all 2D features for efficient, exact and precise work.
  2. Xsite® PRO is a 3D ready system with comprehensive functionalities available. All 2D tasks can be realized and shown graphically and numerically on the high-resolution 8,4-inch touchscreen display. In addition, the Xsite® PRO offers the option of upgrading to 3D, at any time. The GNSS extension must be added, in order for it to be able to work in 3D.
  3. Xsite® PRO ADVANCED 3D excavator control system is perfect for complex projects. Where 3D data is available, it can be imported fast and easily. The system allows an efficient and precise implementation of 3D model data.
Will an Xsite Moba system be compatible with the existing non-Moba kit on-site?

Yes, Moba systems use open data formats that are common in the market. Files can be shared amongst a mixed fleet. (dxf,xml)

Do I need to have a GPS base station?

If available onsite your RTK correction signal is free. If not, you can use a Smartnet / VRS/ Topnet license which has 4G coverage nationwide at approx. £2300 per year for unlimited use.

Will I need to have any office desk software at additional costs to operate the system?

No, you can continue to use your current software. CivilCad, LSS, AGTEK, 12D, Magnet, Icon,TBC

How accurate is it?

On a 13 ton excavator with a grading bucket you can achieve within 25mm from day one, and usually get better over time to 12-15mm.

Is there a cloud service for sending and receiving data remotely? And what are the extra costs?

Yes, it is a free service. 4G data sim card required.

What is the backup and customer support like?

Every system has an internet connection. We have technicians connected within a few minutes of your call helping to sort out issues remotely. Again, a free service. All service parts are in stock and can be delivered the next day.

How much does a full 3D system cost?

Starting from £24,000 + vat delivered and installed.

Can I buy a basic kit (2D) and hire the expensive GPS when the project requires it? And how much?

Yes, for £10,000 + vat you can have a completely functioning 2D system with loads of features, a laser catcher and Vector Compass. Then when needed hire the 3D GPS
components for £1000/ month. 

What is the Warranty?

3 years for the basic kit, 18 months for the GPS parts.

I’ve only heard of Trimble and Leica. How popular is this system?

It was launched in the UK as of June 2019 with great success so far. References are available. Thousands have been sold in Scandinavia and are the market leader there by far.

What about training for the operators?

After the installation, we offer half-day training to get the job up and running. We also offer quarterly / regionally courses using live equipment and simulators. Announcements are made on the Facebook Group. It is free.

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