Operated Equipment Hire

Avant Loaders & Attachments

When you need a competent operator to turn up with the right equipment to get the work completed efficiently,
an operated hire is probably the best option.
It frees up your time to get on with jobs that are within your experience and comfort zone.

For builders and landscapers, this can involve carrying in and place steels.
Moving construction materials onto a site like paving, bricks, blocks, cement, sand, ballast and Type 1.

For plants & nurserymen, we help with moving of mature trees with our tree spade and carrying container grown stock from its delivery point to its planting position. 

We provide the muscle to help carry & move timber around the site in large pieces for tree surgeons and arborists.

For maintenance contractors, we supply hedge cutting services.

We carry out precision laser grading for civils, groundworkers and sports surface contractors.

In the film and TV industry, we help with set builds and removal and tidying up and the end of shooting.

We also provide a snow clearing and ploughing service locally in the Bucks and Herts borders in the winter months.
We use Avant Loaders with snow blades for quick bulk snow clearing of car parks and access roads and carry large bulk buckets to clear narrower paths and move excess material.
We are mainly contacted by schools, colleges, business parks, pubs, garages, sports clubs & shopping centres for their snow clearing requirements.
It is advisable to contact us in advance of forecasted bad weather as we are normally booked up within hours of snow being forecast or falling.
However, we will try our best to get to you as quickly as possible if you get caught out by the weather.
We usually run a 24 hour, seven days a week service to keep our customers' schools & businesses open.
If you are interested in buying equipment to clear the snow yourself, then we can offer the full range of Avant Tecno machines, blades, buckets & blowers as your local dealer.