Avant Compact Loader Hire

Machines to suit most site requirements.

We have a variety of Avant Compact Loaders available to hire for different access widths, lift capabilities and abilities to run different attachments.

For sites where access is tight, we have a narrow access Avant 500 series loaders that are 1030mm wide for those tighter job sites.

In the middle, we have Avant 600 series machines that are ideal for landscapers, tree surgeons, arborists, nurseryman and the like for the ability to lift and shift where site access is more limited, or you want to be less damaging to the environment.

Our largest machines are the Avant 700 series models that supply the greatest hydraulic flow for those more demanding attachments and the greatest lift capacity in the range. We have wheeled and tracked options to suit both site and environmental conditions to enable you to tread as lightly as possible.

Avant 523

Excellent choice with robust and simple hydraulics

Avant 635

A perfect combination of power and agility

Avant 745

Largest lifting capacity and pulling force and speed even 30 km/h

Avant 750

Product development with Avant 700-series has been strongly focused in to lifting capacity. Larger outside dimensions naturally give better balance to the lifting weight.

Tracked Avant 750

If you have the need to traverse soft ground as gently as possible then the Tracked 750 Avant is the machine for the job.

Tracked Leguan 165

Tracked Leguan 165 is a spider lift for heavy use providing functions that fulfill the needs of even the most quality-conscious professional.