Leguan 190

Reliable and versatile

Leguan 190

Reliable and versatile

Leguan 190 is an access platform with unbeatable features, designed for heavy duty professional and rental use. In the design of the Leguan 190 special attention has been paid to durability, strength and user friendliness.

Automatic levelling makes setting up the platform quick and effortless: Automatic levelling works with just a single push of a button. Levelling works quickly and accurately even on sloped surfaces.

High platform capacity over whole working area, chassis with wheels or with crawler tracks and strong booms make Leguan 190 the right choice for professionals.

Easy to transport

The weight of Leguan 190 unit is 2.660 kg (both 4WD and unit with tracks). When using the tailor made Leguan trailer for Leguan 190 it is possible to operate the access platform even when the unit is on the trailer.

The total weight for Leguan 190 unit with the trailer is 3.330 kg and the allowed total load of the trailer is 3500 kg.

Leguan on wheels or with a crawler track chassis

Leguan Lifts is the only manufacturer to offer its access platforms with both: a chassis on wheels and with crawler tracks. This is the case also with Leguan 190: it is available either with hydraulic four wheel drive or with a robust crawler track chassis.

The biggest advantage of a four wheel drive chassis is versatility. Thanks to the suspension effect of the rubber tyres it is more comfortable to drive an access platform with tyres on even and solid surfaces. All-terrain capabilities are also sufficient for almost all circumstances because of the hydraulic four wheel drive.

The most important advantage of a crawler track chassis is a bigger contact surface to the ground. The bigger contact surface improves traction especially on soft and uneven terrains (e.g. in the forest or on snow).

Kubota Diesel Engine and 230 V Propelling

Leguan 190 is the only access platform in its class to offer a two cylinder 14 hp liquid cooled diesel engine. This reliable and durable Kubota engine is made for heavy duty professional use. In addition to reliability, the high torque and pleasant noise level of the engine are features valued by our customers. Leguan 190 is also equipped with 230 V electric propelling. All functions of the machine (drive, outriggers and booms) can be operated with the electric motor when the Leguan is connected to 230 V mains current. The electric propelling option is very useful when working indoors or when a very low operating noise level is required. It is also often practical to drive the Leguan to the work site using the combustion engine, then connect it to a 230 V outlet and operate the booms with electric propelling. This way the operation is very silent and fuel costs remain as low as possible.

Technical Data

Max. working height19.00 m (230 kg)
Max. platform height17.00 m
Max. outreach8.3 m (230 kg) / 9.7 m (120 kg)
Max. work cage load230 kg / 2 persons
Transport dimensions (L x W x H)5.05 m x 1.33 m x 2.11 m
Transport dimensions without platform (L x W)4,32 m x 1.25 m
Platform dimensions W x L1.33 m x 0.75 m
Rotation of basket90° (±45°)
Gradeability50 % (27°)
Outrigger support dimensions3.78 m x 3.83 m
Max. slope for outriggers22 % (13°)
Weight with tracks / tyres2660 kg / 2660 kg
Power sourceKubota 14 hv diesel
Electric motor 2.2 kW (230 V / 16 A)
Drive system: hydraulic4WD Tracks
Drive speed max2.6 km/h (5.2 km/h optional item)

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