Access Platform (MEWP)

Our history with Avant UK goes back to 1996 when we bought our first machine, an Avant 635 for our busy landscape & tree work business to improve efficiency and to reduce the wear and tear on our bodies from all the manual handling we were doing. It didn't take long before we bought our second machine an Avant 528 to assist with our grass cutting contracts we had back then. Later on, Avant released the 700 series which gave us more lift and hydraulic flow capabilities, so one was added one to the fleet increasing the size and types of jobs we could take on. As you can see from our history with Avant, we have had a working knowledge of the machines for 20+ years, which means we can give you a great insight into what model is going to best suit your application.

What is an Avant Loader?
  • Avant Tecno has been designing and manufacturing multi-functional telescopic compact loaders for over 30 years at their base in Finland.
  • Making them experts in building the most versatile compact loaders in the world.
  • The range is mainly power by either Kubota or Kohler diesel engines.
  • There is also a range of full electric-powered, zero-emission models.
How do I know which Avant model best suits my needs?
  • There is a broad range of models available to choose from, with a long list of options available to make it bespoke to your exact needs.
  • The largest models are the 800 series with the greatest lift abilities and auxiliary hydraulic flows but taking up the biggest footprint.
  • As you go down the series, the lift abilities and auxiliary hydraulic flows reduce and so does their footprint allowing you to get into smaller spaces and through narrower entrances.
  • We would suggest looking at the attachments pages before deciding on the model of the loader
  • Get together your wish list of attachments for now and in the future (or possible hire requirements) and by using the traffic light system in the compatibility box you can make a list of suitable Avant Loaders to run your choice of attachments.
  • From that list you will have a range of models that suit your requirements, then it's just a question of how much you need to carry or lift which will point you in the direction of the right model.
  • Then assuming it fits into your workspace and you are able to transport it safely from site to site you have the ideal model for your needs.
What warranty comes with a new UK Avant Loader?
  • Prior to 2020, all models came with a 2-year warranty.
  • As of January 2020, this was extended to a 3-year warranty or 3000 hours all-inclusive manufacturers warranty for all new 2020 loaders in the UK.
  • If you want to extend this up to 5 years for an additional cost this is also available through Avant Green Protect.
Can I fit tracks to an Avant Loader?
  • If you have a site or job conditions that require a tracked Avant then you have a few model options to choose from.
  • The tracks have a lower ground pressure than wheels and are suited to very soft and wet sites.
  • They also provide greater traction when needed for pushing and grading material, like with a SharpGrade box dual blade grader.
  • Although tracks have there benefits in the right conditions they are not suited to travelling on hard surfaces all day long as there is no shock absorption in them like a pneumatic tyre would offer.
  • We have tracked Avants on the hire fleet if you have irregular or one-off needs for them.
Are there any Avant finance options?
  • It's always worth enquiring about financing your Avant and its attachments.
  • There are usually low rate finance options available on new and used machines.
  • We can point you in the right direction to speak to the right people who can talk you through your options.

Leguan Machines

Leguan 135

New, easy-to-use, joystick operated access platform from Leguan

Engine PowerPetrol

Max Speed2.5 km/h

Lift Capacity250 kg

Lift Height13.4 m

Leguan 190

Leguan 190 is our new flagship model providing outstanding working height and a wide variety of functions to meet the demands of professional use.

Engine PowerDiesel

Max Speed2.6 km/h

Lift Capacity230 kg

Lift Height19.0 m